Uncertainty & Creativity

This week marked the start of full work from home mode. On Monday, our post-production team, with the help of their production colleagues, relocated their workstations and hard disks back to their own homes. Even though the situation isn’t perfect for everyone, the show must nevertheless go on.

It is impossible to predict what will happen after this month is over. At best, we return to our workplaces, employing the same measures from the past couple of weeks to remain vigilant. Yet it is equally possible that this arrangement extends beyond 4th May. There is no magic cure for the situation, and living with uncertainty is something that we just have to get used to.

What doing video production teaches us however, is that uncertainty can be an opportunity to awake the imagination and spark creativity. When preparing for a shoot, the uncertainty of certain conditions unleashes the brainstorming of potential scenarios, and the development of creative solutions to meet each of them. When editing or working on a motion graphics projects, uncertainty of what the client has in their imagination drives the need to take a creative approach to interpreting their preferences and comments.

Of course, turning uncertainty to creative is a challenge. For the past few weeks, we have been constantly trying to think of new measures to enhance the safety of our office and shoots, and now, it is about how to solve the various inconveniences that arise due to a full remote workforce. Underlying all of this is the brainstorming of how to keep the business viable in these challenging times. And when the crisis finally passes, it will be about how we can grasp new opportunities and accelerate our growth to make up for lost time.

None of these situations has easy answers, but if we draw from the lessons that we have learnt from dealing with uncertainty in our day-to-day work life, then it would clear that the key for overcoming the challenges of this period lies in replacing our fear of the unknown with creativity and flexibility, while not forgetting prudence, so that we can keep the show going on for as long as we can.

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