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Video production is a strange animal that is neither fully a product nor service. You get a video at the end of it all, but because clients are intimately involved in its creation, the experience of the process is also an integral factor when it comes to evaluating the success of a project.

To us, a good product is a given; it’s what everyone strives for. Process on the other hand, is often neglected in the pursuit of on-screen excellence. Hence, OHBOY! Pictures strives to be a video production company which is defined more by process than product, so as to build long term relationships with all stakeholders – not just clients, but also partners, staff and beyond. As each video production process is unique, no formula may be applied to optimize the video production experience. Instead, we at OHBOY! are guided by 5 simple values:

1. Don’t Compromise Credibility

A company is nothing without its credibility. Very often, producing a video requires all to work on good faith – for example, freelancers trust that we will pay them on time, and clients trust that we have proper copyright clearances. Hence, standing firm on doing the right thing is not just a moral obligation, but sets the foundations for a long-term business relationship.

2. Collaborate, Don’t Aggravate

Few people wake up in the morning wanting to screw another party over. Although conflicts can happen in a creative endeavour where many things are subjective, at the end of the day, all the parties involved are not there to be adversaries but rather, are collaborators with a shared goal.

3. Communication is King

If an audience doesn’t “get” the video, the problem isn’t them. To us, a good video is one which successfully communicates with its target audience. Thus, we do not just apply the latest technologies or popular styles without ensuring that it meets your needs. Our priority has and always will be to help our clients deliver their messages to their stakeholders, and video production is the toolkit from which this is achieved.

Beyond the product, communication is also the highway connecting all nodes of the video production process; without a successful flow of communication, even the greatest minds and ideas cannot flourish or be executed to their full glory and potential.

4. Commit, and Stay Committed

Breaking a promise is worse than never making one at all; taking up any project means making a promise to the client to deliver quality work through a quality process. This means being dedicated, sincere and putting in hard work for every client no matter who they are, what their project is, and whether you agree with their creative directives.

Every staff member also has numerous commitments that have come before, or go beyond the company, the most important of which are their commitments to family. Hence, just as we keep our commitments to our clients, we too must keep our commitments to others around us whom we care about.

5. Be Curious and Discover

Once you feel satisfied, it means you’ve given up. At the heart of any success is the desire to discover how things can be done better. A sense of curiosity is thus the key to innovation and our growth as a company. At the same time, a sense of curiosity is also what drives us to dive deep into our customers’ businesses and uncover their essence to bring it on screen.

What about creativity?

Our values are centered around 5 Cs, but none of them are creativity. This is because we believe that these values form the foundation on which creativity itself can be built. It is through living and practicing these values – building trust with clients, working closely with them, communicating to understand their needs, devoting ourselves to their projects and being curious about their business – that we will be able to produce our best and most creative work.

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