You may not have noticed, but we are just 3 months away from entering a new decade (the twenty-twenties?). As we approach this new milestone, more and more questions about our future are being raised to the forefront – not just our future as an individual or country, but our future as a species. The big word? The Environment. Like most Singaporeans, I’m 100% urbanite. The unique thing about living in Singapore however, is that there isn’t as huge a separation between nature and mankind as there perhaps is in... Read The Rest →

Is Seeing Believing?

It used to be a given; seeing something with your eyes is the best way to prove that something is real, concrete, there. Of course, entire industries are built on subverting that notion – magicians and makeup are some of the first to come to mind – but most of us can interpret contextual cues, and we’re not all that naive as to believe everything we see. But when the visual load starts to increase, so does the burden of having to identify, interpret and investigate to uncover real from... Read The Rest →

Memory Lane

While 32 is not a particularly significant birthday, this year is more special than most because it comes with another major milestone for OHBOY. In 2 days, we will be moving into an office space that is almost double of our current premises – a risky move, but necessary to allow for the growth of the business. Over the past 7 years, OHBOY has been my baby, growing from a simple one-man show operating out of my bedroom to a soon to be 15-man outfit. I remember one of my... Read The Rest →


This year’s National Day is all about the bicentennial, bicentennial, bicentennial. On one hand, it’s a buzzword being waved around by many organizations (albeit less than “SG50”), but on the other hand, our recent work has helped us to scratch the surface of the truly a rich, diverse past of Singapore. In particular, working on the video series “From the Stacks”, featuring the National Library’s Rare Materials Collection, was an eye-opening peek into the lives of Singaporeans before Singapore even existed. Among the many artifacts featured were 2 which I... Read The Rest →

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