Small Blessings

As with many businesses, this is a time of much uncertainty, delayed projects and plans put on hold. Fortunately, here at OHBOY, we’ve also had opportunities to help our clients as they implement various initiatives to cope with these unusual times. For example, when NUS switched to holding an e-open house rather than a physical one, we received several requests from various schools to produce content that could introduce their programmes to prospective students. Due to capacity constraints, we were not able to assist with every request, but one school... Read The Rest →

An Unexpected February

In the blink of an eye, almost 2 months have passed since the start of the year. But while January was a relatively slow month, with projects stalling in the lull between Christmas and Chinese New Year, February has moved at an almost frenetic pace. Of course, this was not just because of the projects that came in with extremely tight deadlines, nor the big shoot that we had with a major celebrity (watch this space for the video!). The biggest event that shaped the pace of February was instead…... Read The Rest →

9 Things We Did in 2019

ONE. We crossed borders for our videos – filming Rojak Romance in Malaysia, and heading to Japan and Korea for the Aladdin and Avengers: Endgame press conferences respectively TWO. We ended our MCU journey together with the close of Phase 3, with final projects on Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame THREE. We got to film incredible movie stars like Will Smith and Robert Downey Jr, creative geniuses like the Russo Brothers and Hideo Kojima, and local luminaries like Edwin Thumboo and Yip Pin Xiu FOUR. We celebrated the bicentennial with the... Read The Rest →

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Christmas day is here, and although we don’t get any snow in the tropics, the rainy weather is just perfect for hiding in the sheets! Unfortunately, video production isn’t a particularly seasonal business, and the end of the year is no less busy than any other period. In fact, seasonal periods can even be particularly busy times, such as when we had to create a video for Robinson’s Christmas campaign back in 2017 , as well as other content in conjunction with festive periods like Deepavali and Hari Raya. Yet... Read The Rest →

Filming with the Stars

One of the clients that we’ve been fortunate to make videos with over the past few years is Disney. Together, we’ve produced content that is both humorous and heartwarming, for their vast product line including movies, events and merchandise. Working with Disney has also provided us the rare opportunity to film with international stars on occasion. It’s definitely nerve-wrecking, but there are a few things that I always try to bear in mind as a director when filming anyone well-known: 1. Remember what you’re there for While stars can be... Read The Rest →


You may not have noticed, but we are just 3 months away from entering a new decade (the twenty-twenties?). As we approach this new milestone, more and more questions about our future are being raised to the forefront – not just our future as an individual or country, but our future as a species. The big word? The Environment. Like most Singaporeans, I’m 100% urbanite. The unique thing about living in Singapore however, is that there isn’t as huge a separation between nature and mankind as there perhaps is in... Read The Rest →

Is Seeing Believing?

It used to be a given; seeing something with your eyes is the best way to prove that something is real, concrete, there. Of course, entire industries are built on subverting that notion – magicians and makeup are some of the first to come to mind – but most of us can interpret contextual cues, and we’re not all that naive as to believe everything we see. But when the visual load starts to increase, so does the burden of having to identify, interpret and investigate to uncover real from... Read The Rest →

Memory Lane

While 32 is not a particularly significant birthday, this year is more special than most because it comes with another major milestone for OHBOY. In 2 days, we will be moving into an office space that is almost double of our current premises – a risky move, but necessary to allow for the growth of the business. Over the past 7 years, OHBOY has been my baby, growing from a simple one-man show operating out of my bedroom to a soon to be 15-man outfit. I remember one of my... Read The Rest →


This year’s National Day is all about the bicentennial, bicentennial, bicentennial. On one hand, it’s a buzzword being waved around by many organizations (albeit less than “SG50”), but on the other hand, our recent work has helped us to scratch the surface of the truly a rich, diverse past of Singapore. In particular, working on the video series “From the Stacks”, featuring the National Library’s Rare Materials Collection, was an eye-opening peek into the lives of Singaporeans before Singapore even existed. Among the many artifacts featured were 2 which I... Read The Rest →

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